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FOREWORD          page xiii


      Having known Marcel Jabelot personally, it is at once "easy" and "difficult" to introduce this book that is dedicated to him. "Easy" to speak of his tireless work to ensure that the dark years of the Shoah are never forgotten, "difficult" because there is so much to say about Marcel Jabelot in a few words.

      Having been a Hidden Child in Vichy France, I had the good fortune of spending precious hours with Marcel during my many trips to Paris, and during his visit to the United States in 1996 for the premiere of Barbara Barnettís superb film, Visages de la Shoah, on which this book is based.

      Despite terrible suffering in death camps, the loss of his entire family, and a difficult recuperation after the War, Marcel Jabelot had a warm and noble personality, was elegant in mind and body, and won the hearts of those who came to know him. [. . .] My own experiences differ considerably from his, but the book about my hidden childhood (Your Name is Renée) also represents a side of the Holocaust that complements Marcel Jabelot's story.

[. . .]

      This book is a continuation of Marcelís work of Bearing Witness and, for years to come, will certainly become a reference for students studying the Holocaust.

      In our struggle for a better world, memories are our most powerful weapons. May the words of Marcel Jabelot be forever engraved in our minds:

"Oblivion ought not to enshroud anew
those who did not return." [1]
Ruth Kapp Hartz
27 April 2004

[1] Quoted from Marcel Jabelotís Legion of Honor acceptance speech.
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