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TESTIMONIALS          xi

      Marcel Jabelot, Holocaust survivor, ended his testimony by saying that the moment one stops respecting another, the danger of Nazism slips in, with the horrors that he himself survived.
Albert Valdman, Professor of French,
Indiana University and Hidden Child
      Fifty years after the event, Marcel Jabelotís testimony reveals the terrible presence of the Holocaust in the daily lives of its victims. His reflections are both simple and profound.
Patrick Henry, Professor Emeritus
Whitman College
      Jabelot's account [. . .] demands of us today that we attempt to present and explain it to the new generations.
Jacques Adler, Historian and Professor
University of Melbourne
The Jews of Paris and the Final Solution:
Communal Responses and Internal Conflicts, 1940-1944
      Jabelot's Holocaust parley is very insightful and adds a highly articulate and original voice to the Shoah[1] testimonies.
Eric Nooter, former Historian and Archivist American Joint Distribution Committee, Inc.
      Very impressive!
Abe Plotkin
Pennsylvania Holocaust Education Task Force, Concentration camp liberator and Legion of Honor recipient, June 4, 2004.

[1] Shoah: The Hebrew word for the Holocaust.