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Weapons of the Spirit
Les Armes de l'Esprit.
Years after his birth in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon of Jewish refugee parents, Pierre Sauvage wrote and produced this documentary to tell the story of the Vivarais-Lignon plateau, an entire region in central France which sheltered 3,500-5,000 refugees during World War II. This "conspiracy of goodness," also called a "miracle of silence," was inspired by the Protestant pastors of the region, but came to include people of other faiths helping other refugees, as well as Jews.

A large portion of the population of the plateau absorbed the refugees into their families, working them on the farms, when necessary hiding them in the countryside, supplying forged ID and ration cards. A variety of outside organizations and persons of good will set up homes and gave financial aid to shelter various refugees in need, all through the war, and more so during the latter, most dangerous part. Without asking questions, residents provided shelter, food and clothing--even an education as the Collge Cvenol was founded. When the dangerous searches took place, there were pre-arranged hiding places in the woods. False ID papers were made, and many refugees were escorted across the border to neutral Switzerland.

Some of the outside organizations who assisted rescue efforts in Le Chambon were the Quakers, the Swiss Red Cross, MIR (le Mouvement International de la Rconciliation), la Cimade (le Comit Inter-Mouvements auprs des vacus, lOSE (luvre de Secours aux Enfants, a Jewish organization).

All this was at great peril to those involved--and some did give their lives--but residents saw this as "the human thing to do" nothing extraordinary. Their history of Huguenot persecution set the background for risking everything for freedom from oppression.
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Pierre Sauvage, writer/producer.
35-min. short version DVD, bilingual French/English; with Bill Moyers interviews and bonus material.
1989-2000. $30.00
Weapons of the Spirit
Les Armes de l'Esprit.

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