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  1. Introduction       6
  2. The genre and the unique value of Your Name is Renée       6
  3. About the authors and Ruth Kapp Hartz       7
  4. Teaching rationale by Marjorie Callahan Beck, M.S.Ed       8
  5. Establishing the historical framework       9
  6. Accompanying video Ruth Tells Her Story; using the video       13
  7. Part One: Escape       15
    Synopses of the chapters, vocabulary       15
    Activities: Who are the key characters? What are they like?       16
    Suggested discussion topics       16
    Suggested essay topic: How can one feel “safe” in an unsafe environment?       16
  8. Part Two: In Hiding       17
    Synopses of the chapters, vocabulary       17-18
    Activities: What important changes occur in the main characters?       18
    What new characters appear?       18
    Suggested discussion topics       19
    Suggested essay topic: Courage and risk-taking 19
  9. Part Three: Liberation       20
    Synopses of the chapters, vocabulary       20
    Activities: Which characters take on great importance?       21
    How do the characters shift in their appearance in the text?       21
    Suggested discussion topics       21
    Suggested essay topics:
    Dealing with sadness; sustaining hope       21
    Can lying be justified?       21
  10. Additional topics for writing or discussion       22
    Middle school , high school and adult classes, and reading groups       22
  11. Interdisciplinary activities       24
    Art, Mathematics, Foreign Language
  12. References for middle school, high school and adult—bibliographies, videography, webography 26
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