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      Originally, I wrote these memoirs only for family and friends, and did not envision their publication, especially in the United States. I wanted to bring to life details of "my time" which seemed memorable or amusing to me. For some of the people involved, my writings will awaken their own memories, while for others the settings and events will seem remote. I have added colorful stories gleaned throughout my life.

      For clarity, I have chosen a thematic narration; so, you will look in vain for chronological order, and the chapters can be read independently of one another. This is not an intimate work; there are no "family" stories. It is not an autobiography, a more precise undertaking, which I leave to others.

      At the outset, I wanted only to tell entertaining stories, but then I felt compelled to add the chapters on the Occupation and the Landing, snapshots of the unforgettable, seen through the eyes of a new, fifteen-year-old "del Dongo," as in La Chartreuse de Parme, where the young hero finds himself in the Battle of Waterloo by accidentally riding into it. This unbelievable time, by tacit agreement, transformed me into the new head of the family, whose judgment was respected by my newly widowed Mother and my eleven-year-old sister.

      The names of some characters have been changed, but the stories are real.

      Because its grandeur has always fascinated me, and distance made it out of reach for such a long time, I decided to devote one complete chapter to the United States. Getting to know Americans was for me a first step towards that different world that I longed to know.
      I have placed the "Three Short Stories in Prose," written in a form that I would have liked to develop in my youth, as an Appendix.
      My hope is that you will have as much pleasure reading these memoirs as I had in writing them.
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Memoirs from Normandy:
Childhood, War & Life's Adventures
Armand Idrac

$19.95, softcover, May 3, 2004;
312 pages, 16 black & white photographs, maps & charts;
annotations; references; index. ISBN: 0-9743158-5-0
Memoirs from Normandy: Childhood, War & Life's Adventures $19.95

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