Magda et André Trocmé,
Figures de résistances
MAGDA ET ANDRÉ TROCMÉ : Figures de résistances (2007) Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah / Les Éditions du Cerf. Textes choisis et présentés par Pierre Boismorand, préface de Lucien Lazare. Le sauvetage de plus de 3 000 Juifs pendant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale fut organisé par les pasteurs de la région de Chambon, dont le plus connu est André Trocmé. Boismorand nous fait connaître ce couple extraordinaire par un choix de leurs écrits : lettres, manifestes, confessions personnelles, testaments, prédications, etc.Recommandé pour les lecteurs de français avancées. Broché, 13 x 21,6 cm, 39 photos, annotations, références. 280 pp. 32,95 US$ Complimentary teacher’s guide to the readings with book purchase.

The Reverend André Trocmé and his wife Magda organized the rescue and care of a great many Jewish children during WW2. The fact that it is true is in itself remarkable. But how many people know why this couple, seemingly ordinary, found themselves on the front line of almost all the prophetic combats of the 20th century? Militants for the reconciliation of Europe’s nations, the struggle for the recognition of conscientious objectors, refusal of nuclear arms, the emancipation and the development of third world countries? How did Magda and André Trocmé end up frequenting people as different as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Indira Gandhi, Lanza del Vasto, Élie Wiesel, Abbé Pierre or the Rockefellers? Why did they inspire such admiration and so much controversy, books, films and conferences? And why are they often considered as pioneers of solidarity and humanitarian action?

In this book, Pierre Boismorand answers these questions with a selection of their writings: letters, manifestoes, personal confessions, testaments, preaching, etc. The diversity of the public, private and autobiographical texts presented here let us discover the Trocmé couple through the manifestation of their faith and their thoughts during those complex events that marked their lives. The reader can also penetrate to the heart of their motivations, their hopes, as well as their unfulfilled dreams. The Reverend André Trocmé and his wife Magda moved through their century with conviction, courage and dignity. Their thirst for justice, their peaceful rebellion and resistance provide an example and inspiration for man today. Collaborations : Pierre Boismorand - Lucien Lazare
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Textes choisis et présentés par Pierre Boismorand. Broché, 8.5 x 5.5 ins., illustré avec biographies et références. 384 pp.

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